“Prince gave black kids permission to be weirdos”

A recent Vox article entitled “Prince gave black kids permission to be weirdos” details the legacy of Prince who they argue made it socially acceptable for black kids to express themselves, something white kids have always been able to do.

Without a doubt Prince played a major role in changing the norm for blacks. However, Prince did not make it entirely accepted. Even today black kids face ridicule from their own commit, usually direct family, for expressing themselves certain ways. For example, for many Caribbean households skinny jeans symbolize some form of “gayness”.

For people of Color Prince is what Beyonce is to white people. There are a lot of white people who find themselves on a daily basis being prejudice but also claim to be fans of black stars such as Beyonce. This is because, they are able to see such individuals as “not really black” and therefore they’re able to continue discriminating blacks they encounter on a daily basis. Blacks ability to praise prince but bash other, not famous, blacks who attempt to be as spiritually free as Prince was during his life.

Prince has paved the way for many young black kids but there is till more we need to do as a community. The root of negative sentiment with the black community towards freedom of expression is homophobia which haunts POC. People of Color are without a doubt ht most homophobic group of people. This phobia disrupts the lives of many POC as they are afraid to be themselves. In the end , the usual result of this is depression and other forms of mental illness; all of which are topics POC refuse to accept claiming they are “white things”.

In order to keep Prince’s legacy going we need to have more POC reach his level office or higher. The more people there are who as open with their sexuality and spirality as Prince, communities of color will have no other choice but to start excepting such ideals.

Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld

Heineken released a new ad targeting social awareness issues that put Pepsi’s recent so-called protest ad with Kendall Jenner to shame. The ad, titled “Worlds Apart,” pairs people who hold opposing views on controversial social issues such as feminism, climate change, and transgender rights. The pairs, who are not initially aware of each other’s views, go through a bonding activity before the big reveal. They’re then given a choice to chat about their viewpoints over Heineken beers or walk away. All of the participants decided to stay. Fro the most part, the ad has been received well,  the complete opposite of the Pepsi ad, which was pulled a day after its release.

Not only was the commercial amusing to watch but it teaches an important lesson to those who view it. This message is that despite differences in opinions you may have with some it is more than possible to work together, and specifically in the commercials’ case build a bar. Also, at the end of the commercial two of the three pairs were able to understand the position of their partner. For example, there was a man who did not believe in transgender rights who was pared with a trans woman. At the end of the commercial not only did the two discuss trans rights but the man asked the woman for her number so they could meet up again. It is so important to see a commercial like this because it shows audiences that instead of being quick to brush someone off due to them having different ideas you may in fact be able to get the other person or even yourself to understand each others position. 

Since we are in a time where it seems like disrespecting one another simply because of their differences is a normality this commercial has come at a perfect time. 



Are you a sellout if you’re a black police officer?

A recent article in The Guardian tells the path of a black male from London who became a police officer. The officer claims him being “racially profiled as a teen spurred” him to become an officer. Although this article involves a police officer from London the overall theme of this article can be applied to blacks in America. The Officer also confides in readers that he is considered a  “sell-out to some – but others say they wish more officers behaved like me during a stop and search.”

As a representative of the black community I believe we should aspire for more of our people to become apart of law enforcement. The fact that this man is enduring hate from his own people, whom is he is trying to help by being an officer, genuinely saddens me. If there is anything the black community should be doing for this officer is thanking him on being a good role model for change. For the most case, us blacks acknowledge our suffering in society but it becomes hard to figure out what is the proper way to create change. What this young man is trying to do from entering the place force is make a “make a difference from within”, as he says. The only way to create change for people of color is if we become the change. We need to have more of our people in the police force to look after our people.

I wish more black people were able to here this London officers story for the simple fact of understanding his point of view. I am aware that not all black cops treat their people justly quite frank black officers have been down to be even harsher to their own people than white officers. However, more black officers representing the black community will make a major difference. Representation is key no matter what field is up for discussion. Women-in-Policing1-480x280

Pepsi commercial glorifies police brutality saying you can end it with a Pepsi

In their most recent commercial Pepsi depicts a protest for peace. While the protest is going on they pass model Kendal Jenner and encourage her to join the protest. When Kendal joins the protest she decides to walk up to a police officer and hand them a Pepsi. After Kendal does this the music becomes more upbeat and everyone who was apart of the protest begins to rejoice.

What is taken away from this commercial is a glorified as well as unrealistic way to end police brutality. The first problem I have with this article is that they choose to use Kendal Jenner as the face of activism. Of all the models out there Kendal is one who has never spoken about injustices such as police brutality publicly. Pepsi could have easy found a model who is a real activist and not just doing it for a commercial, paycheck.

Secondly, the idea that a Pepsi could even remotely help police brutality is a major slap in the face to people of color. There have actually been multiple instances where protestors did try to interact positively with police officers by trying to give them a drink. In a particular instance, a young black boy tried to give an officer a water at a Black Lives Matter protest and the officer did not even acknowledge the presence of the child. An image of this even is being thrown around the internet with captions criticizing this Pepsi commercial.

Lastly, I believe this commercial is more about selling Pepsi products than actually trying to promote equality. The promotion of equality is not some tactic that should be used as a way to generate profit. Instead, equality should be promoted at all times. As well as always brining attention to any inequality or injustice when it occurs not just when its convenient.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Backlash On Trans Women Statements


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has recently faced some backfire because of comments she made on trans-women. The comments of Adichie’s that are under the most fire are, “When people talk about, ‘Are trans women women?’ my feeling is trans women are trans women. I think the whole problem of gender in the world is about our experiences. It’s not about how we wear our hair or whether we have a vagina or a penis. It’s about the way the world treats us, and I think if you’ve lived in the world as a man with the privileges that the world accords to men and then sort of change gender, it’s difficult for me to accept that then we can equate your experience with the experience of a woman who has lived from the beginning as a woman and who has not been accorded those privileges that men are”. 

I believe that trans women are just as much a women as a women born female. However, I do believe trans women face problems that are exclusive to the trans community. Due to this, I do agree with Adichie on the fact that that trans women need to need to have their own platform for discussing the issues they face as women. At the same time, I believe women can be apart of female born women discussing their injustices because trans women are bound do have the same or similar experiences. 

Although, gender in of itself is a social construct we need to acknowledge it while discussing he problems individuals face due to gender. If we combine women in specifically trans women issues it’s as if we’re ignoring all the things trans women face that female born women do not. 

No matter what, trans women are just as much a woman as any female born woman, we just need to acknowledge their injustices separately in order not to ignore them! 

CNN anchors and reporters, and others gives states on when they first realized that being black affected how people treated them

For many blacks, especially those who grow up in diverse families like mine, don’t necessarily realize they’re “black”. Instead, such individuals see themselves as simply human or identify with others according to different traits. For example, when I was younger I found myself identifying with the “white kids” because I saw they had more in common with my family minus skin complexion. This then caused me to try and disassociate myself with the black kids at school because I didn’t feel I had anything in common with them except a skin color. It wasn’t until I started high school and was surrounded by a various range of black people that I realized how diverse black people are. It was after this I was able to see that us blacks come in every shade, hair type, eye color, socioeconomic class, etc but we are all still connected by the thing that makes us most beautiful, being black.

It is very important for CNN to do such a project because there are so many young black kids out there right now struggling with their identity and it is important for them to know they’re not alone. The fact that CNN chose a wide range of black peoples is so important because it reinforces the idea even though we come in various appearances and from various backgrounds we still share the same struggle, the black struggle. The negatives stories from this project brings blacks together by reminding us that no matter what path we go through well always be more connected than we think.

It is very important for blacks to feel they have a platform to speak out on first hand experiences with racism and discrimination so I hope to see more and more hash tags such as #realizediwasblack that CNN begun.

Making “girls” safe without discriminating against the Trans community

A recent article on published by Vox gives readers seven ways on how “to make girls safer without discriminating against trans kid. The suggestions are as follows : investigate college campus rape,  fight for appropriate sentences for rapists,  actually test rape kits, teach kids about consent, stop teaching men it’s okay to hurt women, include violence against trans women in the definition of violence against women, empower people to actually talk about assault.

My major issue with this article is that it does not include men besides making them out to be predators. Although sexual assault that is reported most commonly involves a women that is only because most males that are assaulted do not report it. The rape of adult males has been so largely neglected and collectively denied that its invisibility has given rise to the notion that it just does not occur in our society. While some acknowledgement of male rape in prisons and jails has emerged in recent years, most people do not consider the sexual violation of adult males to be within the realm of possibility in non-institutional communities. Also, males experiencing rape from females is no make believe story.

This particular Vox article was meant to be inclusive but still managed to leave out some. This all makes it even more clear the stigma around rape that prevents males from feeling safe enough to report assault against them needs to change. It is society job to make sure everyone feels included and represented. We still have a ways to go but bringing g awareness to this will put us in the rite direction.


Just recently a female inmate named Kei’Choura Cathey realized she was pregnant after she was already in jail. When she came to this realization she wanted an abortion and tried to gain permission from the Maury County, Tennessee sheriff’s office. She was denied on the basis of that her pregnancy was not life-threatening nor had the pregnancy occurred due to rape. Once Cathey was released from jail she was in her 3rd trimester which is too late for her to legally terminate her pregnancy.

This story is yet another case where a male dominated area makes the decision for females of what they can and can’t do with their body. The reasons Cathey was denied a pregnancy all stem from anti-abortion standpoints specifically within the Maury County, Tennessee sheriff’s office. The reasons for why Cathey wanted an abortion are not clear but she should not have to explain herself, it is her body and her fetus. The most likely reason Cathey didn’t want the pregancy is she would be unable to give a child the life they deserves taking into account her recent felon which would ultimately result in that child being taken from her.

Abortion has always been a very controversial topic for reasons that are absurd. The controversy around abortion has increased with Trump administration whom has made it clear they are Pro-Life and Anti-Abortion. Under Trump it is no stretch to say there will be an increase of abortions being denied are harder to access. If and when this does occur it is going to result in America taking a step back. Females everywhere will be getting abortions in the back of an alley, sticking coat hanger inside themselves, females throwing themselves down stairs, and increased suicide rates among females.

America is supposed to be the land of the free and we need to allow females to be the only dictators of what they can and can’t do with the bodies, specifically surrounding abortions.